The Crossroad Of Career & Ministry

One thought on “The Crossroad Of Career & Ministry”

  1. My church group has been doing a painstakingly thorough study on the book of James, and the verse you quoted seems to fall under the context of a brother falling into a trial- it’s hard from my vantage point to say if this is a match for your career conundrum, but perhaps that insight, arrived at by a group of roughly 10 believers who spent the better part of several 90-minute sessions exploring that piece of James, might help. I think you make a good point about the need to not under-spiritualized your life outside of work- Christianity changes the man, not the experience. If you have to isolate your faith from your actions in the workplace, James has something to say about your faith. Paul tells Timothy to “show yourself an approved workman unto God”. He made you and placed you by equipping you with talents and skills- I’ve had to explore this lately in my own job search. HTH.

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