Cornered By Sin

6 thoughts on “Cornered By Sin”

  1. Thank you, Ryan for this.
    It is so easy to think that we who profess we are Christians fall into the thinking that we are less a sinner than those who have not accepted Jesus into their hearts and lives. It becomes challenging for me to not adopt a haughty attitude, when engaging with an individual who is extremely negative toward the Christian faith. The scriptures are a great reminder of how I am to model Jesus’s behavior to attract people to me rather than succumb to my “fleshly” behavior which only serves to drive people away. Currently, Pastor Paul at NRCC and many of our small groups is doing a 5 week series entitled “Engaged”
    1. with God 2. with the Church 3. with our Neighbors 4. with the Hurting 5. with the World.
    May our Lord bless you as you continue to humbly serve Him.

    1. As an addendum to my previous comment….
      It should be corrected to read “to attract people to Jesus, not to me. Should have proof read more carefully before hitting send😊

  2. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you any feedback yesterday. I was with someone until late, missed your text until later and did read it before bed but had no brain to respond plus it was late. It’s a good post.

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