Living With No Asterisk

I have no time for asterisks when chasing freedom. Asterisks have no place in the hearts and minds of Jesus’ disciples. Asterisks are a detriment to growing in love, in purity, in truth, in faith and in hope. I view asterisks like a heavy yoke I was never meant to bear. Asterisks are burdens. They … Continue reading Living With No Asterisk

words of worship.

a few nights ago, i felt compelled to grab my journal and begin documenting the thoughts i was receiving inspired by the Holy Ghost. nighttime seems to be prime time for me when hearing from the Spirit. i think it must at least be somewhat due to the quietness of midnight. no bustle and hustle … Continue reading words of worship.

My Psalm

I flew on a plane recently. And from the sight of creation outside my window, I thought: “With no point of reference, You brought me forth from dust. You walked among us as a cloud. Appeared as a burning bush. You paint reddish skies with tints of orange glow. The mountains fashioned with elaborate curves. … Continue reading My Psalm