There Stood A Dam

there stood a dam. a dam did stand. though water, it did not hold back. that dam that stood. it stood like a man. who embodied truth like fact. this man appeared in agony; brutalized and betrayed. and I could not guess, what had made him this way. a crown he wore, but not of … Continue reading There Stood A Dam

His Light Has Set Me Free

i had a moment yesterday. dwelling on the gut-wrenching sorrowful reality of the darkness in the souls of those whom i love. O that chilling darkness; my now arch nemesis, my then closest friend. this wasn’t a contemplation driven by a self-righteous attitude or condemning heart. it was an introspective moment recalling the torment, and … Continue reading His Light Has Set Me Free


you’re the oxygen i need, at the bottom of the sea. its too dark to see, when plunged in the deep. hopeless in defeat i sense my flesh is weak i fear that this may be my castaway scene. i capsize on a reef, lost out at sea. running low on belief, and morale growing … Continue reading Drowning

Tropical Dungeon

a tropical dungeon doesn’t always feel like cold and suffocation. it doesn’t always feel like warm and enchanted neither. tropical dungeon was a phrase I mustered up a few weeks ago in a means to describe earth and the existential experience we belong to as inhabitants of earth.  it embodies the reality of seasons lived in … Continue reading Tropical Dungeon

a poem.

we wait in eager expectation, creation subject to frustration. filled with hope of the covenant, patiently standing firm to be saved. trusting the angels will someday gather us, the saints + elect: His most prized possession. what a miraculous God we worship, can’t be defeated for the Victor already stands. children of a King; gentle and conquering. … Continue reading a poem.

I Am.

let us declare this morning who we are before our God. there is heart-melting power in declaration. in claiming the Father’s truth over ourselves. just as He declared ‘I am that I am’, may we declare who we are. I am a saint, drenched in Your unfailing love. I am a son, covered in Your … Continue reading I Am.

Spiritual Plagiarism

there is no spiritual safety net that delivers hearts from derailment like that of humble confession acknowledging the honor due to He who gives + takes away. – even amidst the goodness of speaking to + hearing from my Heavenly Father, the temptation looms to claim His words of truth as my own. but creation … Continue reading Spiritual Plagiarism

The Will of God & the Problem with Asking, “Am I making the right decision?”

Time to tackle the will of God. You trying to figure it out? Great! Me too. Let’s dive in. For starters, the will of God is actually not as complicated as we commonly make it out to be. The will of God, like everything else pertaining to life and godliness, begins and ends with the … Continue reading The Will of God & the Problem with Asking, “Am I making the right decision?”

Pray Now, Not Later

The purpose of prayer is to draw close to the heart of God, to be entrenched in the Father’s presence, and to be one with the love of Christ. If someone asks you for prayer, that is what they are yearning for whether they’re aware of it or not. To be closer, feel protected and … Continue reading Pray Now, Not Later