Made My Path Straight

He’s made my way perfect. Made my path straight. My God, my salvation. By grace and through faith.  Forged through the fire. My deeds refined while some die. What’s been done half-heartedly. What’s required giving my whole life. He’s carved out my heart. As He formed me from clay. Dust returns to earth. A mist … Continue reading Made My Path Straight


new year, and an enriched desire for discipleship. deeper. everything deeper. truth. sharing more truth. ‘crucify my cowardly heart, for You O Lord call me courageous.’ out with the shallow. in with the substance. less screen time. more time to explore creative encouragement. less screen time wasted, and more opportunity to tune in with the … Continue reading deeper.

you are loved.

wherever you are. whatever you’ve done. whatever’s been done to you. *Redemption has come for you. – the anxiety + depression. the loss of loved ones.  worldwide tragedies. *Peace has come for you. – lack of belief in the Church. lack of belief in others.  lack of belief in God. *Faith’s been purchased for you. … Continue reading you are loved.

Living With No Asterisk

I have no time for asterisks when chasing freedom. Asterisks have no place in the hearts and minds of Jesus’ disciples. Asterisks are a detriment to growing in love, in purity, in truth, in faith and in hope. I view asterisks like a heavy yoke I was never meant to bear. Asterisks are burdens. They … Continue reading Living With No Asterisk

words of worship.

a few nights ago, i felt compelled to grab my journal and begin documenting the thoughts i was receiving inspired by the Holy Ghost. nighttime seems to be prime time for me when hearing from the Spirit. i think it must at least be somewhat due to the quietness of midnight. no bustle and hustle … Continue reading words of worship.

My Psalm

I flew on a plane recently. And from the sight of creation outside my window, I thought: “With no point of reference, You brought me forth from dust. You walked among us as a cloud. Appeared as a burning bush. You paint reddish skies with tints of orange glow. The mountains fashioned with elaborate curves. … Continue reading My Psalm