Imago Dei

Written By: Ryan Walters Ignorance is like hot breath upon your glasses. It clouds the infinite worth of someone who has been abused; probably verbally, maybe physically, and possibly even sexually. Ignorance clouds the dignity of someone who has been thrown into the deep end long before they could even swim. But compassion, compassion is …

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“Going Through The Motions” Official Trailer

Written By Ryan Walters 11/21/2014 It’s finally here. The much awaited, exclusive trailer for the upcoming film I had the honor to produce and act in.  Please check out the trailer and event details at our website You can be just about anybody to Host this event with a suggestive donation of $95 (gifts … Continue reading “Going Through The Motions” Official Trailer

ONE WEEK LEFT TO RAISE FUNDS FOR OUR UPCOMING FILM! Ladies & Gents, The upcoming short film ‘Going Through The Motions’ continuing my series of lukewarm Christianity has only ONE WEEK LEFT of raising funds that will make this project possible. Trying to be more realistic over here, we’ve lowered the budget goal drastically from $3,500 to roughly $1,000-$1,500. There are still quite … Continue reading ONE WEEK LEFT TO RAISE FUNDS FOR OUR UPCOMING FILM!


“Some believers may identify ‘dark’ places in their life when they are convicted by God of some very wrong self-indulging habits. I consider these moments to be quite the opposite. Do I feel guilty? Well, of course. But the Spirit’s faithfulness to slap me over the head & wake me out of my stumbling slumber … Continue reading No_More_Fence_Riders


“Your desires, your wants, your envy, your sought out personal possessions: they all reflect the condition of your heart. You’re either consumed with what this world has to offer or you’re consumed with what God has in store for you if you would just drop all of what you think ‘is yours’. Just remember, things … Continue reading No_More_Fence_Riders

‘Going Through The Motions’ Upcoming Production Promo

“A short, eye-opening film that exposes the relevant issue in Christianity among this current generation of being lukewarm & not seeking Christ authentically.” Hey Ninety-Eight Six Readers. We continue to be all over the place lately especially in film…… Well here is the latest news: My team and I have been working on our third … Continue reading ‘Going Through The Motions’ Upcoming Production Promo