Monday Morning Thoughts

after Mark Sanchez butt fumbled, did you stop watching football. how ‘bout when JR Smith was lost in never never land in the NBA finals, did you stop being a basketball fan then? when your favorite band sold out after they lost their unique flavor and reached their peak, did you renounce them? “nah, Ryan. … Continue reading Monday Morning Thoughts

There Stood A Dam

there stood a dam. a dam did stand. though water, it did not hold back. that dam that stood. it stood like a man. who embodied truth like fact. this man appeared in agony; brutalized and betrayed. and I could not guess, what had made him this way. a crown he wore, but not of … Continue reading There Stood A Dam

His Light Has Set Me Free

i had a moment yesterday. dwelling on the gut-wrenching sorrowful reality of the darkness in the souls of those whom i love. O that chilling darkness; my now arch nemesis, my then closest friend. this wasn’t a contemplation driven by a self-righteous attitude or condemning heart. it was an introspective moment recalling the torment, and … Continue reading His Light Has Set Me Free


you’re the oxygen i need, at the bottom of the sea. its too dark to see, when plunged in the deep. hopeless in defeat i sense my flesh is weak i fear that this may be my castaway scene. i capsize on a reef, lost out at sea. running low on belief, and morale growing … Continue reading Drowning